Fame is Wasted on the Famous, isn’t it?

We are a web-based comedy duo comprised of  Josh McClenney and Ira Heinichen, founded in 2009. Part comedy series, part blog, and part twitter feed, the aim is to entertain those familiar and unfamiliar with the rat race that is “Hollywood.” It’s a twisted place of dreams and heartbreak…someone’s got to share the dirty details.

Josh and Ira are two naive young actors from anywhere USA who land in hollywood with dreams of making it big but they find their path to stardom is not as easy as they had imagined. Along the way their world is populated by friends and enemies, some of whom they could probably learn from, and many more from whom they shouldn’t, but do anyway. Struggling actors in the classic sense, they also struggle in nearly every other sense, because even the simplest tasks prove difficult for this well meaning but often bumbling pair.

Meet the team:

Josh McClenney (co-creator, starring) born and raised in Los Angeles, has studied acting for over eight years with The Groundlings, Stella Adler, and Carolyn Barry.  He has appeared in a number of award winning short films, including those of the prestigious USC and Chapman University cinema schools.  Josh played the lead in two independent feature films and you might recognize him from his national television commercials for MTV, Bare Naked Granola and K-Swiss.  Josh has also appeared as a stand-up comedian at the Ha Ha Café and The Comedy Store.  Josh is also writing a graphic novel and continues to pursue a variety of film, music and other artistic endeavors.  He is represented by the DDO Talent Agency.


Born and raised in Northern California, Ira Heinichen (co-creator, starring) began his professional career in the Redwood Curtain Theatre as the lead in The Cripple of Inishmaan and Amy’s View.  He moved to the Los Angeles area as a junior to attend the nationally recognized  conservatory Acting program at Cal State Fullerton where he went on to lead roles in The Family of Mann, The American Clock, The Philadelphia Story and The Orphan Muses for which he was nominated for a National Irene Ryan Award.  Ira has since moved on to critically acclaimed lead performances with the Theatricum Botanicum theatre company in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and supporting roles in Macbeth and Julius Caesar.  He has also appeared in several independent short films and is a Managing Partner with Frisky, LLC – an internet radio station and record label.