Ha, did we scare you? We hope not, because we want you to stick around and enter our first ever Halloween Costume Contest. Sounds official doesn’t it? Well have no fear, it’s INCREDIBLY easy to enter and we’re giving away some cool stuff. Here are the rules:

1. Take a picture of you and your Halloween costume from this year

2. Post it on our Facebook or Twitter wall

3. There WILL be extra points awarded for messages to us in your picture like these two expertly added:









We will be choosing TWO winners, one Girl and one Guy, who will each receive one of our brand-new kick ass “fame is wasted on the famous” t-shirts (see photos below!). Two runners up will also be chosen and all four will be announced by name and photo in a special video with both Josh and Ira on our youtube channel.

We do ask our sexy sexy peeps out there (yes, all of our peeps are sexy) to keep it work and family appropriate since these will be shared publicly.

Beyond that, THERE ARE NO RULES! Have FUN! We can’t wait to see your photos :)