Howdy y’all,

Things have been busy here at J&I HQ – pre-production continues on Season 1 of the “Josh & Ira” web series , updates on that below and will continue as we move forward. But mainly we’re here today to talk about our SHORTS! :)

And yes, that does include the clothing kind Josh…you don’t have to wear pants in this kind of heat.

“Josh & Ira Shorts” will be posting on our youtube channel every wednesday for your enjoyment leading up to the season premier of the show later this fall, and we have some hilariousness already on tape, locked and loaded, ready to blow your hair back.

We welcome to the team this time around Steven Perse, who is serving as Director of Photography and a Co-Producer, long-time friend Michael Robledo who is sharing some of the directorial reigns, as is the lovely and gracious Elizabeth Ho who will join us on our next shoot. So three cheers for the merry lot!

Season 1, as we mentioned, is in pre-production. The team is being assembled and the scripts, mostly written, are being re-written and re-written. We’ll be doing a fundraiser in the next couple weeks, so you generous lot can keep an eye out for that. Production is set to start at the end of September, which we’ll hit if we keep our asses in gear, so keep watching our stuff and laughing in the meantime, you’re our inspiration.

That’s all for now, tata, and keep keeping it real.