Josh meets Ira over at the agency office where they seize the opportunity to sneak upstairs and tell their agent about their exploits for the day. If only he were as excited about it as they are…

Episode 00(b) – “The Film Crew” (pilot)

Cast (in order of appearance)
Josh – Josh McClenney
Ira – Ira Heinichen
Allison – Alyson DeGuigne
Drew – Emanuel Borria
Crew Member – Ryan Wilkins
Parking Officer – Justin Giddings
Exec. Prod. – Ira Heinichen, Josh McClenney
Written – Ira Heinichen, Josh McClenney
Producer – Paul Robert Lingas
Director – Paul Robert Lingas
Camera – Nikolai From
Sound – Ryan Wilkins
Unit Prod. Manager – Michael Schlau
Prod. Assistant – Justin Sands, Brian Williams, Matt Carter
Background – David Pintado, Michael Schlau, Evan Schwartz, Cosmo Plingo