The boys hire a film crew to follow them around for a day in the life of a Hollywood superstar. Josh has a major audition for “NCIS: Los Angeles” while Ira takes the other camera down to their agent’s office. But first, of course, it’s workout time.

The episode that got it all started, in preparation for the first full season of  the web series, here is the original “Josh & Ira”! Part two to be released right here on 5/18.


Episode 00(a) – “The Film Crew” (pilot)

Cast (in order of appearance)
Josh – Josh McClenney
Ira – Ira Heinichen
Joe – Joe Gillette
Peter – Peter Weidman
Receptionist – Adrienne Harris
Security Guard – Justin Sands
Dr. #1 – Lloyd Botway
Dr. #2 – Eric Mindel

Exec. Prod. – Ira Heinichen, Josh McClenney
Written – Ira Heinichen, Josh McClenney
Producer – Paul Robert Lingas
Director – Paul Robert Lingas
Camera – Nikolai From
Sound – Ryan Wilkins
Unit Prod. Manager – Michael Schlau
Prod. Assistant – Justin Sands, Brian Williams, Matt Carter

Ernie Leyva, Matt Carter