Hey all!

So *finally* the new and vastly improved website is here! After all, how can you call yourself a self-respecting Los Angelian (or Angeleno if you’re really picky) without a kick ass muthaf**cking website, right? RIGHT??!

Thanks to the hard work of our expert team (looking at you Brian), we have a fully featured place for all of you to browse through all of the content that we’re putting out, from our twitter feed of one-liners and links, to our random clips, all the way to full length episodes, they’re all accessible right through here.

And speaking of “content” – soon, very very soon, you will have more of it in your sweaty little palms than you even know what to do with. SEASON ONE of our show will be premiering this summer, and it will all go down right here on our very own joshandira.com. Production has been under way now for several months, we have several episodes in the can and many more in various stages of production, so get excited. We’s a gonna be growin’ up.

We’re also introducing a brand-spaking-new aspect of our universe, the Josh & Ira blog which will contain various musings from the two of us. What we did yesterday, who we saw, where Josh managed to lose our car, and whatever else we find a way to make interesting, it’ll be on the blog for your enjoyment or horror. We aim as high as we can reach, no further. That’s how you pull a muscle.

This concludes the very first news item on this here site…so to use the almighty wordpress phrase…Hello World! :)